Instant Happy Hour Stainless Steel Cocktail Making Set

Say Happy Birthday with unusual gifts for Men

Say Happy Birthday with unusual gifts for Men

Be different and unique with unusual Gifts for men to say Happy Birthday, and look what I found, bet you haven’t got one of these !

Whatever his hobby, he needs to eat, so bare that in mind and the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they do say.
 Nothing unusual about eating, but wait a minute, an unusual brown man bag to butch up his lunch box or rather replace it, and then we must fun things up in the Kitchen if he likes to be a chef and then give him the tools that make him smile, and then there is the ultimate in eating your way around Europe so he get’s to see so much more as well as set his taste buds on fire with an array of new and unusual flavors. A real memorable birthday surprise that will stay with him and feed his imagination for a long time to come.
Brown Paper Bag Lunch Bag
The tyvek insulated lunch bag styled just like in the iconic American movies. Unusual gifts for Men to look cool for work or pleasure. The bag has magnetic fasteners on the roll top to keep food fresh, and is water resistant and tear proof. Keeps food hot or cold so no matter what time of the year you can feed your man the food he enjoys and if it rains, his sandwiches won’t go soggy. The plain brown bag can also be personalized but be careful about love notes in case someone else reads it !
Egg Mobile, egg shaper
Blend his love for cars with his love for food, with these unusual silicone classic vehicle egg moulds. Have fun with the kids or show off to friends and put some excitement in those chores of cooking. Put some art in cooking and smile at your creations with a choice of bubble car, camper van or pick up truck, and go that extra mile at breakfast to set you up for the day.
Gourmet Scratch Map
From the original Scratch Map collection but with a unique and unusual design foil typography map of Europe to tantalize you to try the cuisines as you travel around Europe, featuring 130 regional dishes on the striking black and white poster map .A special website features full recipes across 7 categories, and an index of dishes to scratch off along the bottom of the map. Scratch off the foil dishes as you travel around Europe and the map will become a multi color display as a record of what you have tried and achieved. Time for come dine with me then and show off your culinary skills.


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