Say thank you and farewell with these memorable gifts

Say thank you and farewell with these memorable gifts

Say thank you & farewell with these cool leaving gifts. What’s the best leaving present you’ve ever been given? We asked ourselves that here at Luckies and then curated this collection of fun and memorable leaving gifts that say ‘sorry you’re leaving’ but ‘thanks for all the memories’.

We’ve got cool leaving gifts for men, unusual leaving gifts and personalised leaving gifts that will all ensure that they won’t forget you in a hurry.

If you’re saying goodbye to a work colleague because they are off travelling then the best leaving gift you can get them is something from our Scratch Map range. Our Scratch Map Travel is the perfect travel gift for someone who’s off on a long backpacking trip or gap year. A scratch map with gold foil so they can scratch off where they’ve been and reveal the vibrant colours underneath. It rolls up into a tube which is small and sturdy enough to fit into their suitcase or backpack.

Or perhaps you’d rather get them a parting gift they can keep forever on their wall at home. Our Framed Scratch Map Deluxe is a stylish gift in sleek black paper with copper foil. A beautiful piece of art for them to keep and a great record of their travelling adventures too.

If it’s a dear work friend or colleague you’re bidding farewell to after many years working together, then you need a leaving gift with a personal touch such as our Memory Box. Get everyone at work to fill the box with notes, photos and memories off all their years at work. A cool retirement gift for them to treasure forever. Would make an excellent leaving gift for teachers as you can get their pupils to contribute to.

Perhaps you’re saying farewell to a work friend you haven’t known for that long but you still want to get them a fun leaving gift. How about a stationery gift they can take to their new job such as Rainbow Sticky Notes, or Matchstick Pencils? Or how about our Tea Sub Submarine Tea Infuser for them to enjoy on their tea break?