Say thanks with 3 cool thank you gifts

Say thanks with 3 cool thank you gifts

It’s nice doing favours for people, even nicer when you get a cool thank you gift in return! (Of course, we should say the warm fuzzy feeling we get from helping others is enough of a reward itself. We should say this. But everyone loves presents!) If you’re looking for cool thank you gifts for a friend or family member to show how much you appreciate them for helping you move, looking after your kids, lending you their car (man, you’ve got some generous friends!) Then say thanks with 3 cool thank you gifts.

  1. Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY

Gift ideas to say thanks are not about what people need or what’s useful, they’re about fun gifts to treat someone with. Our Smartphone Projector is a mini home cinema in a box and a great way to say thanks a million. They can use it to snuggle up in bed and watch a film at night, to share home movies with family, or hold a mini screening of the new cat video they just made. The best part about the DIY edition is that you can personalise it with your very own special thank you message or design.

  1. Rocket Planter

A house plant might seem quite traditional as far as thank you gift ideas go, but team it with one of our Rocket Planters and you’ve got yourself one quirky thank you gift. It looks best if you add flame shaped / coloured plants to give the full rocket boosting effect.

  1. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

If you’re looking for little say thank you gifts for a friend who’s done you a favour; maybe they fed your cat while you were away? Or maybe they listened to you rabbit on for weeks on end about how you hate your new job? (soz!) Then how about nipping round for a cup of tea and taking them a Baby Nessie Tea Infuser to say thank you? You could even pair it with some speciality tea or a lemon drizzle cake to share. (Other cakes are available).