Scratch Map Deluxe Edition World Poster

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition World Poster

A beautiful product which will look glamorous and gorgeous in any home, on any wall.

Whether as a gift for the most discerning and elegant traveller or something for you and your family, Scratch Map Deluxe is a quintessentially luxury item. It is exactly as it sounds, a deluxe version of the innovative Scratch Map which was invented by Luckies of London in 2009.

The Scratch Map® concept is based on the idea that everyone loves to travel, and picking up souvenirs and trinkets en route can mean you end up with a lot of clutter as well as potentially excess baggage! Why not just have a map ready to hold all your adventures in a uniquely personalised way as soon as you get home. Scratch map® is a beautiful and interactive map of the world that you can personalise by scratching off all the places you’ve visited. It works exactly like a scratch card, just find the country or city you’ve visited and scratch it off to reveal the colour and detail beneath. A simple yet clever product that gives you a visual memory of everywhere you have visited.

Scratch Map® Deluxe takes it a step further. A high quality design, it is slightly larger than the original Scratch Map® with more intricate details and is printed on stylish, high quality matt finish paper. It will simply look gorgeous on any wall in any home, taking pride of place in any room. It’s uniqueness is that it is not just a picture but a memory or rather a number of memories. The only difference is that because of the delicate matt finish, the Deluxe version needs it’s foil Scratched off with an eraser or fingernail, not metal as that can remove the matt finish on the paper.

Sophisticated and stunning, it will look gorgeous adoring any wall, so it makes the perfect gift for anyone who is interested in travel and has a taste for adventure. Quite simply every family home should have one.

Scratch Map® Deluxe Edition also gives you geographical details, for example, land and ocean relief so you will get a more complete view of the world although designed as a fun product rather than an educational tool. It also has additional islands and cities, therefore it is very intricate.

The perfect product for any elegant traveller, it makes a wonderful gift but it is also an essential addition to anyone’s home, whether they are an armchair adventurer that dreams of trekking in the Himalayas, or someone with insatiable wanderlust who is barely in the same place twice.