Scratch Map Original

The Scratch off Map series has gained momentum since its initial guise in 2009, but it remains to be one of the most popular Scratch Maps in the world.

This could be attributed to its luxurious white and gold aesthetics, or maybe it’s just the fact that this was the map that started it all.

Just because the Scratch Map Original is the first iteration in the series doesn’t make it any less attractive or alluring.

The Scratch Map Original is manufactured using premium laminate, coloured foil and paper. It measures 82.5 cm x 59.4 cm and is made in the United Kingdom.

As well as offering a slew of information about different countries, the Scratch Map Original also include all the relevant information relating to US and Australian state lines as well as Canadian provinces and territories.

The Perfect Gift for Travellers

It stands to reason that the Scratch Map Original is a great gifts for those that like to travel, but why choose the Scratch Map over a conventional offering?

As well as being accurate, there is more appeal to the Scratch Map Original simply because of the features it offers.

As well as the beautiful aesthetics, those who receive the Scratch Map Original can keep track of all the countries they’ve visited, simply by scratching off the foil covered country.

Given the robust design of the Scratch Map Original, the scratching of the foil doesn’t cause any damage or dents to the map itself, which ensures that the Scratch Map Original can be a great keepsake to look back at in years to come.

An Original Gift for Newlyweds

When a happy couple ties the knot, it can be difficult to know to buy as a gift. We don’t want to be buying the same gifts as everyone else, but we also want to ensure that the gift we give is relevant.

The Scratch Map Original is a perfect gift because it offers more than one use and can be used in several different ways.

For example, if the couple like to travel a lot, then the Scratch Map Original can be used to keep track of the countries they visit each year.

As each foil section is unveiled, couples can keep track of where they’ve been so far, while finding inspiration from other nearby countries.

The gift of a Scratch Map Original really does offer many different uses.

The Scratch Map Original is just an example of some of the fun and inspired gift available at GiftLab.As well as ensuring that there’s some for every type of personality, there is also a gift that will suit any celebration, regardless of whether it’s an anniversary or a birthday.