Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Ghana

Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Ghana

Commonly known as ‘Africa for beginners’, Ghana is the perfect country to explore for all Africa- visiting newbies. With its rich culture and reputation for locals forever bopping and jiving to beats in the street, it’s no surprise it’s hailed as West Africa’s golden child. After visiting and uncovering on your well attended Scratch Map poster you’ll be overcome with its vibrant energy forever more. Trust us, you’re Ghana love it!

If there’s one thing we could not recommend more, it would be to have a gander in Ghana’s wonderful wildlife. With miles of saffron coloured savannah to explore, a safari around one of the countries well-loved National Parks is a must-do. Mole National Park is one of the most affordable safaris in Africa offering sights of buffalos, baboons and even lions (all of which we are certain will be named Simba). If however you fancy something more physical but want to stick with the safari then Kakum National Park is an easy day trip from Cape Coast and is famous for its sky high viewing platforms and suspension bridges.

Next up on your African adventure is the Ghanaian grub and nightlife. No cowering in McDonalds in the country’s capital, Accra, it’s time to dive into the delicacies of plantain and yams. These staple foods will be cooked a hundred different ways and taste great a hundred times over. Once full, put on your dancing shoes and simply start dancing. With influences from Jamaican reggae, Ghana has its own hip-life music genre which you will hear in bars, clubs, streets and schools. Just keep dancing and maybe only stop to eat some yams.

For all those good deed doers out there, it’s a great idea to head off the beaten track into small reserves and truly explore the country through volunteering. Like many East African countries, the country’s political hardship has left multiple outback areas in a poorly developed way and areas like Akuapem Hills and Cape Coast depend on good folk like you spending a gap year or career break offering your help. With many organisations you are invited to stay with a host family and take part in whatever floats your boat, be it teaching, nursing or even helping in the local fish market, sushi anyone?

So next time your mates are over for sushi (because you’re a pro now) you can look fondly at your Scratch Map Poster and tell a tale of the time you danced in the street and volunteered at the local orphanage in Kumasi, South Ghana. They’re sure to be impressed and even a bit jel if they’ve spent their summer simply lying on the beach with a piña colada…though we’re all for that too!