Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: India: Holi Festival

Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: India: Holi Festival

Holi Festival is a once-a-year event held in India to celebrate the first day of spring. While the rest of the world is depriving themselves of chocolate throughout lent or just about remembering to bring the clocks forward an hour, Indians are flocking to the streets and throwing brightly coloured, powdery paint at one another. This festival is not only going to conjure some epic traveller tales, but will also allow you to uncover the seventh-largest country on your Scratch Map. Win-win situation, don’t you think?

This year, the festival kicks off on the eve of March 23rd with the lighting of the Holika bonfire. This ritual symbolises the victory of good over evil and is the most religious part of this ancient Hindu celebration. The more recognisable festival of colours is the following morning, and is a complete free-for-all colour-explosion bonanza! It does exactly what is says on the (paint) tin with thousands of colour-fanatics flocking to the streets to playfully chase and colour each other. Families arrive armed with water guns, coloured water-filled balloons and the more traditional dry plant-derived coloured powders. All ages and castes are welcome to paint the town red (and green and yellow and blue) and will end the morning wearing more colours than Joseph and his amazing technicolour dream coat.

You will definitely earn uncovering India from your Scratch Map, especially if you visit the Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit (Delhi, Jaipur and Agra) throughout Holi Festival. Though the celebration takes places across all of India, the main carnival buzz is centred round these three cities. You will know you’re in the right place when the markets are stacked high with dyed powders and the soot becomes rainbow-coloured. For any travellers feeling off-colour and suffering from Delhi belly then Holi Festival is sure to get the colour back in your face…though it may be from a coloured water balloon bursting on you.

The popularity of the Holi Festival in India has wide spread across the world with numerous social ‘colour’ events. Without being aware of its origin you may have sung until you were blue in the face at the music Festival of Colours or been tickled pink at a 5K Colour Run. Either way, these celebrations explore the sharing of love and laughter and ensure you finish the day looking like a well-used painter’s palette.

However here at Luckies HQ we believe it’s always best to experience the real thing; so pack your bags and follow that rainbow to New Delhi International Airport where the whole experience is sure to go down with flying colours!