Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: St Lucia

Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: St Lucia

At Luckies we believe no man is an island which is why we’ve lent a helping hand and researched the best holiday island hotspots. In at number one is St. Lucia, the pin up poster girl of the Caribbean islands and a hidden haven to uncover on your Scratch Map poster. Pack your flip flops and cropped tops and get stranded on this remote island…well, stranded for a week on annual leave, or your boss may come looking for you!

Located at the heart of the Caribbean, the island of St. Lucia is certainly small but beautifully formed. With a tropical climate and mountainous terrain, it offers everything under the sun from sun bathing at Reduit Beach to climbing up the Piton Mountains. It even has its very own drive–in volcano at Sulphur Springs. Unlike the drive-ins where you and I would order one large Big Mac meal and diet coke please, this drive-in gives you the chance to ride straight up and through the crater of the Soufriere Volcano. Be prepared to fight fiery steam and sulphur as you battle through the elements to reach the luxury hot springs and mud baths. By the time you reach them you may be a nervous wreck and need a new pair of shoes but your skin will certainly thank you for the volcanic minerals as you bathe.

After having a soak the best way to satisfy your adventurous spirit is by heading north to Dennery, halfway up the east coast. Explore St. Lucia’s densely packed green spaces by hiking, climbing and zip- lining through these amazing rainforests. As you scratch away St. Lucia on your Scratch Map poster you won’t help but think back to your Tarzan – like days.

There also comes a time on every holiday where the guilt slowly creeps in and you feel the need to do something educational. Luckily for you, St. Lucia has a rich and interesting history of piracy which can be explored through jolly pirate tours along the island’s west-coast. On these tours, you can become a true pirate of the Caribbean as you sail north round the island when firing the black powder cannons and walking the plank. On this boat, every day is ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’ so make sure to be up to scratch on all pirate lingo or ye gunna be foolin’ th’ scallywag (left a bit confused).

And finally, if you’re feeling super extra-curricular then make sure you drop by The Pigeon Island Museum where you will learn interesting pirate facts that will inspire your crew when back on board. Over a pint of pirate rum, casually slip into conversation that St. Lucia gained its independence in 1979 after changing hands 19 times. Such a fact is sure to impress your crew who are yet to move on from doing impersonations of Jack Sparrow.

After you’ve done all the above you will be a zip-lining pirate connoisseur with a great tan, so take pride in uncovering this small but mighty island from your Scratch Map poster – you’ve definitely earned it, matey!