Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Sydney

Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Sydney

G’day Sheila! If you haven’t uncovered Sydney on your Scratch Map® poster yet then crikey, what are you waiting for?! One of Australia’s largest cities, Sydney boasts one of the most Instagram-able beaches in the world and plenty of culture vulture backdrops for the copious amounts of selfies your friends are ‘dying’ to see all over your social media whilst they’re stuck at work… #SydneyOperaHouse #putanothershrimponthebarbie #whatsundayblues

For the brave, kick off your trip the right way and climb Sydney Harbour Bridge. Arguably the best way to see the city, step by step you’ll climb the arches of the bridge and enjoy the iconic views of Sydney. Throughout the climb, your leader will tell you stories about the history of the city and its residents known as “Sydneysiders.” NB. Only mention Melbourne if you fancy getting thrown into the harbour 134 metres below.

If like some of us at Luckies, heights are not your thang head over to Darling Harbour adjacent to the city centre instead. Whilst you may recognise the surroundings from MTV’s reality TV show, The Real World: Sydney, don’t let that put you off, loads of scenes form Neighbours were filmed here too! Toadie is everything <3. Soap operas aside, Darling Harbour is home to plenty of other attractions including trendy brunch spots frequented by hipster Sydneysiders, Sydney’s aquarium frequented by surfer dudes and a bar hopper’s dream packed round Cockle Bay frequented by, well us…

Now we all know that to feel like we’ve earned the ceremonial removal of foil from a country on our Scratch Map® poster, we have to squeeze some culture in. We know, we know, we’d rather by soaking up the sun with a cold Fosters too but come Monday morning back in the office when Margaret from accounts asks what you thought of the Sydney Opera House, you don’t want to be left red faced mumbling something about sunburn and brunch spots. So put that Fosters down, grab your selfie stick and head to one of the 20th century’s most distinctive buildings. For extra ‘how was your holiday’ kudos, book tickets to one of the shows – with over 40 a week, you’re bound to find one that tickles your fancy.

After all that culture, you’ve definitely earned some chill time at Bondi Beach. Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi Beach is swarming with youngsters enjoying the laid back lifestyle. Whether you want to surf the waves or pose in a bikini the whole way down the kilometre long beach, there’s a reason this iconic beach attracts two million visitors per year (including Oprah Winfrey and Justin Bieber just saying). So kick back, relax and enjoy the Bondi way of life because once you get home all you’ve got to look forward to is uncovering Sydney from your Scratch Map® map. There’s always a silver lining ay Sheila…