Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Taiwan Lantern Festival

Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Taiwan Lantern Festival

If you’re currently roaming around rural Asia then put down your chow mein and chopsticks and head straight to the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taoyuan. This is the largest Chinese New Year Festival in Taiwan and the optimal opportunity you’ve been waiting for to uncover this remote island on your Scratch Map® poster.

The 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival kicks off on February 22nd and runs all the way to March 6th to celebrate the finale of the Lunar New Year Season. During this time the whole city of Taoyuan is completely capped in thousands of beautifully crafted lanterns and lasers. They come in an array of different sizes and designs from giant pandas to baby Buddha’s and glimmer brightly throughout the entire two week festival. Hate to be the one picking up that electricity bill…

This amazing celebration is really the Glastonbury Festival of Lantern Festivals. It has multiple themed areas like Fairytale Kingdom Lantern Area, Blessing Lantern Forest and Competition Lantern Area, all swamped with lanterns as Glastonbury is swamped with mud. And every year, at the centre of the celebration is a main, giant lantern based on the Zodiac of the year. With last year being the year of the ram the lantern was quite tame with a mere 23.4 meter high sound-activated, fully illuminated, multi-coloured, rotating ram statue which hysterically flashed for hours and blared out very loud Taiwanese music. But don’t worry, with this year being the year of the Monkey we are expecting them to go all out!

At this festival you’re sure to have more fun than a barrel of monkeys. However if you want to truly earn unveiling this island on your Scratch Map poster then make sure to head to the small village of Ping Xi. Their celebration, held in conjunction with the Lantern Festival, simultaneously releases hundreds of thousands of beautiful paper lanterns into the night sky. Watch that little light of yours shine bright as it drifts off into space – just imagine the Instagram snaps you’ll be getting!?

And finally, once you’ve had enough monkeying around with lanterns you can at last proudly unveil the tropical island of Taiwan on your Scratch Map poster. Compared to its monstrous neighbour, China, Taiwan may appear a small fish in a big pond but the Scratch Map poster race is also about quality, not quantity. So ignore your gloating flat mate who has just returned from the entirety of Europe and Russia and stun them to silence with your charming lantern shots. Winning.