Scratch Map UK & Ireland poster

Scratch Map UK & Ireland poster

A localised addition to the Scratch Map® family the UK & Ireland map is great for anyone who lives here or any anglophiles who visit the UK frequently. Based on the same principle as the other Scratch Maps by Luckies this is a great way to get to know the UK and Ireland, and record trips around the isles whether it’s a weekend in Dublin, or a getaway in the Scottish Highlands, you’ll soon have a visual record of all your adventures.

The Scratch Map® UK & Ireland Edition
Scratch Map® Uk & Ireland is beautiful map with a silver foil overlay so you can scratch off the places you visit. Simply take a coin and you can personalise your map to reflect your travels creating a permanent visual memory which looks gorgeous on any wall in your home.

It’s the perfect item for children who are learning about the UK and Ireland, it’s a must for anyone who lives in the UK to get to know their own country. With the popularity of UK residents staying in the country for their holidays growing in recent years – a ‘staycation’ so to speak – this is a great gift for any household that likes to take their holidays closer to home.

The Scratch Map® UK & Ireland is also great for anyone from any other countries who are visiting the UK & Ireland for a prolonged visit or even for a holiday, it gives a great way to plan where they will visit. Scratch Maps have many purposes, as well as a visual travel journal they are perfect for using when you are planning your trip. They also look great on the wall when you get home and serve as a permanent reminder of wherever you have been.

The UK & Ireland Scratch Map® is a fantastic product for anyone who travels in the UK and Ireland. If someone is going to tour and explore the country, or just visit different cities on city breaks this product is a true winner.