Scratch Map X: The Next Step in Scratch Map Evolution

Scratch Map X: The Next Step in Scratch Map Evolution

Although some are new to the concept of scratch maps, others have been enjoying them for serval years.

The original Scratch Map was launched back in 2009 and its popularity meant that a series of other maps were released as part of the series.

These maps included travel editions, as well as maps that focused on certain parts of the world, such as the USA.

Despite Scratch Maps offering a novel approach to the way people see the world, they still offered practicality to the masses.

The popularity of the Scratch Map range means that fans of the series have been able to build a vast selection of premium maps, all with their own unique personality.

As well as being a great way to brighten up the home, the use of Scratch Maps also has benefits in the workplace and the classroom.

Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer to the Scratch Map scene or looking for the latest addition to the range, the Scratch Map X Edition can be the perfect gift.

What is The Scratch Map X Edition?

One of the best qualities of the Scratch Map range is that regardless of the map you buy, you’re always given a premium product.

The Scratch Map X is no different and has built upon the classic design that was introduced all those years ago.

The dimensions of the Scratch Map X are 82.5 cm and 59.4 cm and is constructed from high-quality gloss laminate, latex and iridescent foil.

This gives the map a luxurious black and gold finishing complimented with an easy-to-scratch foil finish that ensures your maps stays in pristine condition even after scratching.

Who Will the Scratch Map X Appeal To?

When shopping for gifts, it can be difficult to find what we’re looking for in the high street, especially if we’re trying to find a gift within a deadline.

An online approach can often bring more choice when it comes to choosing gifts, nut the some may be overwhelmed.

A gift that seems cheap can seem like the perfect approach, but the final product doesn’t always match the initial description.

Using a professional to source gifts from not only give you more choice but allows you to ensure that the item you buy is of high quality.

GiftLab has many years’ experience in the gift industry and understands what customers want when it comes to finding a unique gift for that special someone in their life.

The Scratch Map X is among the many gifts on offer, and like other iterations of the map, has proved to be a hit with a lot of customers.

However, it’s easy to assume that the use of a Scratch Map X is only viable for those interested in geography, but the Scratch Map X can appeal to a lot of different people. The following is just an example.

Celebrate Your Favourite Holiday Locations

Although many people will take photographs when on holiday, but some will be looking for something a little different when it comes to remembering their travels in the long-term.

The Scratch Map X has separate sections that can be scratched off when a person has visited a destination and can be displayed for all to see.

Not only are you giving the gift of a fully functional map, but also a beautiful map that can be used to store a series of memories.

Ideal Décor for Around the Office

Displays can do a lot to spice up a mundane office space, but in most instances, a business will want to ensure that the décor is inspirational.

There are several ways to do this, but some can be more expensive than others. Scratch maps offer a series of practical uses, including boosting staff morale but also are cost-affordable.

The premium finish of the Scratch Map X ensures that it never looks out of place in a professional setting.

The Ideal Gift for Fans of Music

Does your friend or loved one love attending music gigs? Or maybe they want to attend album signings in other countries?

The use of the Scratch Map Deluxe X can help music fans plan their next musical venture or make plans for when it comes to meeting their idol.

Whether it’s on the wall of a studio or the bedroom wall, fans of music will fall in love with the Scratch Map X and all the benefits it has to offer.

The Perfect Gift for Couples

Although every couple is different, there will be those who love to travel and try new things. Some may want to enjoy the tourist areas, whereas others may want to venture outside their comfort zone.

The Scratch Map X accompanies the taking of photographs when it comes to preserving the memories of travels with a loved one.

Why Choose the Scratch Map X?

Those purchasing a Scratch Map for the first time will often be looking for a gift that’s affordable and robust, but it’s important not to rely on a cheap price alone, otherwise, you could be given an inferior product.GiftLab ensures that all its gifts, including the Scratch Map X, are robust and affordable, making it the ideal platform for all types of unusual and unique gifts.