Scratch off Map USA, personalised map of the United States

Scratch off Map USA, personalised map of the United States

The USA is a very cool place to visit, and what better way to celebrate that than giving it its very own Scratch Map® edition! Boasting some of the world’s most beautiful places, whether it’s The Rocky Mountains in Colorado, the start of Route 66 in Chicago or The Grand Canyon in Arizona, there are so many places waiting to be explored and Scratched off. Scratch Map® USA has a foil layer printed with very subtle stars and stripes so it really does look like a piece of art as well as acting as a wonderful way to record your travels.

The Scratch Map® USA Edition
Scratch Map® USA is a further addition to the highly successful and popular Scratch Off family and gives more detail than the Original World Scratch Map® poster. Not heard of the Scratch Map® concept? You must have been under a rock, or in outer space! Invented by Luckies of London in 2009 the Scratch Map® is beautiful map of the world with a gold foil overlay printed over the top of a colourful design detailing the whole world. All you need to do is find the place you’ve just returned from, whether it’s Australia or Argentina simply take a coin and personalise your map to reflect your travels.

The more places you visit and adventures you have the more colourful the map becomes creating a permanent visual memory that looks gorgeous on any wall in your home.  This makes a perfect, thoughtful and innovative gift for anyone who is embarking on any American trip. Whether you are going on a road trip, visiting New York or LA, or holidaying in Texas this is a beautiful way to record your travels and makes for a uniquely personal and innovative travel record!


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