Seven Gifts for Travelling on a Gap Year

Seven Gifts for Travelling on a Gap Year

The build-up to university or college can be difficult, so it’s good to know that students can travel during a gap year.

Even in the preceding years, children must work hard to ensure that they can meet their goals in the future, so to say a break is deserved is an understatement.

Just as it can be difficult to decide where to go when travelling on a gap year, it can also be difficult to know what gift suits them best.

Fortunately, GiftLab can offer a lot of inspiration thanks to its varied selection of gifts. The following is just an overview of some of the inspired choices available.

Scratch Map

There are many iterations of the Scratch Map and they all come with their own character and charm.

Variations of the Scratch Map include the Ed Sheeran edition, which offers several facts about the locations that inspired some of the singer songwriter’s greatest hits and the Rainbow Edition which offers a colourful treat for the eyes each time a panel is scratched off.

If the person you’re looking to purchase a gift for is only travelling to Europe, then don’t worry, as there is a Scratch Map available that only focuses on European countries.

There’s even a travel edition of the iconic Scratch Map, so there will always be a map that’s a perfect gift for those on a gap year.


When travelling, a journal can become a best friend, especially when it comes to creating memories.  

The Travelogue is a journal designed with adventurers and travellers in mind, and this is reflected in its bold and robust exterior.

As well as a journal to help plan trips, there are also eight mini Scratch Maps that are useful for those planning to visit a lot of destination during a gap year.

The Travelogue is something that will be used again and again during a gap year. It will also become a timeless keepsake in years to come and help look back on some of the memories that were made during a gap year.  

On-Board Compact Travel Kit

When making plans for abroad, it easy for some to overlook the basics. Although understandable, many of us will want to ensure that our friends or family look after themselves without coming across as patronising.

Fortunately, this is now possible due to the introduction of the On-Board Compact Travel Kit.

Emulating a mini metal suitcase, the On-Board Travel Kit includes everything a traveller requires.

The On-Board Compact Travel Kit includes the following items:

  • Notebook and Pen
  • Face Towel
  • Eye Mask
  • Eye Plugs
  • Anti-Nausea Band

Travelling abroad can be an exciting time, but it can also be uncomfortable at times, and the On-Board Compact Travel Kit is the ideal companion for those taking trips that could be deemed stressful.

The Adventure Wrist Band

At first glance, the Adventure Wrist Band looks like a stylish accessory that fans of travel will adore, and you’d be right, but there’s more to the Adventure Wrist band than first expected.

As well as looking great with any outfit, the Adventure Wrist Band can hold over 1000 photos thanks to its 4GB memory.

This ensures that should you ever become short of memory on your phone or camera, then there is always a back up to hand.

Many assume that the internal storage of their phone is enough, but over time this space can be filled with photos, videos and apps.

Having the Adventure Wrist Band to hand ensures that travellers never have to delete cherished photos and videos when looking for space.

It also ensures that there is always have some form of backup in relation to videos and photos captured during your travels.


When travelling alone it’s not unusual for people to turn to their smartphone, but depending on where the person is travelling to, this isn’t always possible.

Fortunately, the lack of a mobile signal no longer must mean boredom, thanks to the Colourlogue, an innovative take on the class travelogue design.

The unique gift allows travellers to colour in the places they’ve visited so far, making it the ideal companion for lengthy airport stays and long train journeys

The Colourlogue Journal can also calm those who may be a little agitated following a long journey.

The set includes the Colourlogue journal, a set of colouring pencils, copper foil and card.

Stamp Map Passport

The more we travel, the more we use our passport. This means that those first stamps we got so excited about can soon become faded as time goes on.

Although we will always need our official documentation, this doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to record our travels in a fun way.

The Stamp Map Passport ifs perfect for those travelling during a gap year and are looking for something original when recording their adventures.

The journal comes complete with two stamp pads, an interchange ink stamp and 28 pages that can host a series of stamps, regardless of how many countries you visit.

Smartphone Projector DIY

When travelling, people often want to take as less as possible. Not only can this mean cheaper flight price, but it also means that there is less risk of losing valuables.

There’s also the weight of the luggage to consider.

Many people will be relying on the smartphone when it comes to gathering information and watching movies, but this experience can be enhanced by the lightweight Smartphone Projector 2.0.

Fitting phones measuring 80 mm x 160 mm or less, the Smartphone Projector can be used by both Android and iPhones. Those using the projector will just need to ensure that the light is turned up bright.

What was once a solo venture is now a movie night with friends. What’s more, the Smartphone Projector DIY also allows those giving the gift to personalise it using the four pens included.

As you can see, there are plenty of gifts available regardless of the relationship to the person, or their hobbies.

If you’re keen to find more unique gifts, then why not browse the extensive range available at GiftLab today.


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