Smartphone Projector 2.0: How to Set up the Perfect Home Movie Night

Smartphone Projector 2.0: How to Set up the Perfect Home Movie Night

There are many good reasons you’d choose a home movie night over a trip to the cinema (it’s raining, you’d rather not spend £7.50 on hot dogs that taste like gym socks, they won’t let you take your cats), but perhaps the most compelling reason to date is the Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0. This nifty gadget lets you watch movies on the big screen without even leaving the house – staying in is the new going out, after all! But perfecting your in-house film night isn’t as simple as just pressing play…Keep the punters happy with our guide to setting up the perfect home movie night.

First, set the mobile projector up with your android or iPhone (fits phones up to a maximum size of 80mm x 160mm / 3.2 x 6.2 inches.). It comes ready assembled so this should be an easy win – just point it at a plain white wall, draw the curtains and adjust the focus accordingly. The projector kit also comes in a range of colours so you can pick one that fits your decor perfectly; choose from the fancy leather look original, on-trend copper, or the Gatsy inspired black and gold edition.

Picture the scene, your action movie is in full swing, explosions and gun fire are rife, but all you can hear is your stomach rumbling. Your big screen is going to need a big sound – enter, the Smartphone Speaker, audio sister of the Smartphone Projector. Simply hook it up to your phone for an instant surround sound experience.

Speaking of grumbling tums, no night in with Netflix is complete without the nibbles. Make sure you’ve got something for everyone – the vegetarians, the gluten intolerant, and the darn right fussy. Whack the popcorn in the microwave and pass your other tidbits around in these Pistachio shaped snack bowls. They’re also perfect for keeping discarded shells in, (no one likes to find other peoples half chewed nut casings under their cinema seats).

Finally, sort out some drinks. Asking everyone to bring a bottle means your budget doesn’t skyrocket, and ensures everyone will get something they like. Liven things up a bit with these fun Party Cups – there’s 12 in a pack, and each one comes with a detachable wrap so you can mix and match expressions with your faces – guaranteed to fill any potential lulls in the film with witty banter!

Now all that’s left is to invite your friends over and pick a film that everyone wants to see (easier said than done). Switch off the lights, crank your screen up to full brightness and you’re good to go! Shhhhh, no talking in the back…