Smartphone Projector = Smart entertainment for the kids this half term

Smartphone Projector = Smart entertainment for the kids this half term

Keeping the kids entertained during the half term break can be a difficult task and with a high chance of wet weather you might be struggling for fun indoor projects to keep them (and you!) happy. Luckies have got two words for you….Smartphone Projector! This diy cardboard projector is not only a fun craft project for children, it also provides hours of entertainment as their very own mini cinema in a box. So without further ado, here are our top 5 ideas on how this cool gift just keeps on giving…

A DIY Smartphone Projector? Trust us, it’s not as tricky as it sounds.

Okay so self assembly might give you flash backs of hours spent trying to make that Ikea wardrobe that seemed so simple at first. Take a deep breath – we’ve made Smartphone Projector as simple to make as humanly possible, all you need is some glue or double sided sticky tape and a bored child or two. Just say “how about building your own home cinema from scratch” and they’ll be folding and sticking this box together and setting up their new toy in no time! The projector comes with clear instructions and pictures on how to put everything together and although simple for an adult to construct, it’s likely to take kids a little longer – allowing some serious parental respite.

Cinema al fresco

There is certainly a trend for outdoor screenings these days, but with Rastamouse very rarely on the bill why not get the kids to create their own! Not only will is save you some cash on tickets (which would probably add up to the price of a bottle of gin, just saying..). All you need is a tent, a smartphone with some cartoons loaded up and a Smartphone Projector! Add some cosy blankets, snacks and drinks into the mix then set up the projector inside so the image is projected onto one of the tent walls. Get snuggled up and while they can have their very own outdoor cartoonathon, you can pour that well deserved G&T…

Art house cinema

When it’s not quite the weather for outdoor screenings but the average home cinema experience doesn’t quite cut the mustard with your “alternative” little ones, why not create their very own Art House Cinema? Tell them to grab their favourite bed sheet and arrange it creatively over the reclaimed wooden furniture in the lounge…basically make a really cool den! Then grab that Smartphone Projector and get showing all the old classics – Bagpuss, Betty Boop, Rainbow… okay so maybe this one is for the adults…

A photo finish

If you’re worried about your kids eyes turning into the shape of SpongeBob’s pants then this fun game might be more for you. Get your children to spend the afternoon taking 10 cool photos each on their smartphone gadgets. Then set up the projector so they can present their creative efforts one after the other to any family members willing to indulge in this très moderne photo exhibition. Seeing as it’s opening night then glasses of champers should definitely be handed out to all attending adults on arrival. We have a feeling they might need it!

If self assembly still seems like too much effort, check out Smartphone Projector 2.0 – you’ll be able to do all of the above, straight out of the box.