Smartphone Projector: The Ultimate Gift for the Guy who has Everything

Smartphone Projector: The Ultimate Gift for the Guy who has Everything

Finding a gift for the guy who has everything is not an easy task. But do you know what’s even harder? Finding Gifts for Men who have everything! It’s all very well going down the six pack of beer and I.O.U. a foot massage gifting route every now and then but Luckies are here to help if you fancy thinking outside the box (excuse the pun) this year when it comes to finding a gift for the guy who has everything. After all, finding an unusual mens gift will get you way more kudos when he’s moaning about you down the pub.

Here at Luckies, we think our Smartphone Projector is the ultimate gift for the guy who has everything. Quite simply a portable mini cinema in a box, Smartphone Projector will allow him to project his favourite movies and video clips straight from his phone onto a wall. The original Smartphone Projector is a D.I.Y and can be assembled in under 10 minutes with just glue or double sided sticky tape. Light and compact, it also allows you to avoid those ‘we’re going to miss Match of the Day’ digs because he can pretty much take it anywhere (just not your sister’s wedding, okay?). Don’t worry though, with 8 x magnification, it’ll give you a better view of Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs anyway…

Not only does Smartphone Projector make for a rather unusual gift for Men (we’re pretty sure the guy who has everything has never built their own cinema in a box before…), it won’t break the bank either. Never mind Christmas gifts for the guy who has everything, Smartphone Projector is gift appropriate all year round. Project movies onto the tent wall whilst camping in summer or have a cinema session back at the chalet, après ski this winter…So whether you’re looking for unusual Birthday Gifts for Men, unusual Easter Gifts for Men or unusual bar mitzvah gifts for Men, Smartphone Projector has definitely got you covered.


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