Super Cool Gadgets for Men 2017

Super Cool Gadgets for Men 2017

Everyone loves gadgets, but for some reason men just love them that little bit more that’s why we wanted to let you know about some of our super cool gadgets for men 2017. Luckies have a great range of lo-fi gadgets that can be used on their own or in conjunction with your other tech, whether it be a tablet, laptop, smartphone or whatever the latest thing we don’t even know exists yet is.

If you want to amplify the tinny sound of your smartphone’s speakers to blast out your favourite music then look no further than our Smartphone Speaker range and Pocket Tin Speaker. Both speakers will make your tunes louder and better would they offer different features…

Smartphone Speaker
Smartphone speaker comes in 3 different styles, all complementing our Smartphone Projector and Smartphone Magnifier ranges. It plugs directly into your device and is powered by four AA batteries, so if it runs out of juice simply swap out the batteries – no need to charge it again before it’s ready to rock. You’ll get around 40 hours playback and impressive sound quality and volume, considering how lightweight the speaker is. If you want to bundle it up with the Smartphone Projector you can do so right here.

Pocket Tin Speaker
This little fella is basically a full metal jacket with a small but powerful speaker housed inside. Pluds directly into your tech device but contains a USB rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 form one full charge. As well as generally being a great gift for him (or her!), Pocket Tin Speaker also makes the perfect travel gift for someone who’s heading out on an adventure and wants to listen to their favourite sounds along the way. Basic but innovative – Pocket Tin Speaker is the perfect companion to any trip or just keep him in your pocket day-to-day ready for when you want to bust out some tunes.

Both of these gems and many more can be found in our Gadgets selection right here.

The Envelope
Every tech gadget needs protection – perhaps most of all our laptops and tablets. If you want to keep yours protected, whilst disguised as a perfectly ordinary manila envelope then you’re going to want to pick up The Envelope. Made with strong, tear proof paper The Envelope is also lined with high quality grey felt for extra protection. We know we’re not exactly pushing the envelope with this one in terms of innovation, but sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones!

Here’s a recap of our lengthy, but not exhaustive list of super cool gadgets for men 2017:
•Smartphone Speaker
•Pocket Tin Speaker
•Smartphone Projector
•Smartphone Magnifier
•The Envelope