The 88th Academy Awards: What to give someone who’s been to The Oscars

The 88th Academy Awards: What to give someone who’s been to The Oscars

The Oscar Winners 2016 have been announced at the 88th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles today, and it’s got us thinking… If we were going to send some of the nominees and winners a gift from Luckies – what would it be and why? Sure the unofficial Oscars goodie bag given to nominees and the host might be worth over $200k, and contain a trip to Japan worth $45k but a gift retailer can dream….

Leonardo DiCaprio

It’s been a long time coming for Leo, with four previous Oscar nominations, we can only imagine the outcry if he hadn’t won Best Actor for The Revenant this year! Still, for us his performance in Wolf of Wall Street is our personal fave – so what better gift to send him than Chill Pill Ice Tray? The sight of Jordan Belfort trying with all his might to crawl back to his car after one too many super strength quaaludes has to be one of our favourite silver screen moments of all time..!

Chris Rock

Sure he didn’t win an Oscar or even get nominated, but the presenter should get a gift right? In case he didn’t get a chance to see all the films that were nominated this year, we’d be ship him a Smartphone Projector so he can screen them from his phone any time. Did someone say Netflix and chill?

Brie Larson

Her performance in Room won her an academy award for Best Actress this year. A dark tale taking place predominantly within the same 4 walls, we are pretty sure she’ll be happy to be getting back to reality now filming has ended. To help her celebrate what a big wide world it is out there, we’d send her Scratch Map Original – the whole world is there to discover now she’s back to her real life!

Matt Damon

Nominated this year for his role in The Martian, Matt did win an Oscar back in 1998 for Best Screenplay, shared with Ben Affleck for Good Will Hunting so being pipped to the post by Leo can’t hurt too badly. To remind him of his talents as an Oscar winning wordsmith, we’d ship him Waterproof Notebook so he can write more golden script Ideas down in the shower, bath, in the rain or at sea.

Kate Winslet

Nominated for Best supporting actress for Her role in Steve Jobs, judging by her reaction to Leonardo DiCaprio’s win, we doubt Kate will have noticed Alicia Vikander heading to stage to collect the golden statue. Having worked together on Titanic in 1997 and Revolutionary Road in 2008 it’s clear Winslet and DiCaprio have the cutest of friendships. To remind her of their first on screen appearance together we’d ship her Scratch Map Oceans – iceberg free, she can look at the silver foil and blue tonal seas with fonder memories than Rose might have done…


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