The Best Gadget Gifts for any recipient

The Best Gadget Gifts for any recipient

Looking for an innovative gift for the gadget lover in your life? Look no further. We specialise in bringing the most innovative, design conscious, cool and high quality Gifts straight to your living room. We have gifts to suit any personality and any occasion but in particular the gadget lover. Any shopper will definitely be spoilt for choice, and below is just a tiny example of these forward thinking gifts that will put a smile on any gadget lovers face.

Smartphone Projector 2.0: One of our most popular products, this is the deluxe version of the smartphone projector. Merging technology with vintage style, turn your Living Room in to a cinema, and watch your favourite films, video clips and music videos by just adding a smartphone and popcorn.

Karoto Vegetable Peeler: For the foodie gadget lover, there is a great range of fun but functional Gadgets for the kitchen. Karoto is just one such item, a vegetable peeler with a difference. Not only does it peel but it also produces pencil sharpener type shavings which can be used to garnish any dish.
Pocket Tin Speaker: Travel with your gadgets? This is a great gift is small enough to fit in your pocket but loud enough to fill a room. Throw it in your suitcase or hand luggage and you’ll have the party started with this portable speaker in no time.

Undercover Tablet Sleeve: Glued to your tablet? Nervous of taking it around with you in case it gets damaged or stolen? Well this will give any gadget lover peace of mind. The undercover range (also available for laptops and phones), looks like a second hand padded envelope and protects your tablet as well as deterring any thieves.
If you are looking for gadget gifts then we’re the place to go. Your one stop shop which meets all your gadget needs and guarantees to bring you the latest in gift innovation.


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