The Coolest Novelty Post It Notes Every Office Must Have

The Coolest Novelty Post It Notes Every Office Must Have

Lift the office atmosphere and relax them clients with these handy novelty post it notes. With 101 things to remember to do, we need all the help we can get to keep on top and not forget to post it, otherwise we have to postpone it.

Morris Memo Holder

Morris isn’t just a holder for the stack of notes, holding them proudly upright for quick access, shaped as a dog, Morris will hold your written note in his mouth or pop a pencil in there and he will loyally wait with it until you need it. Not just a novelty, from a range of products by Monkey Business designed to please but be functional with multi purpose cool office stationary the memo range must haves give more so you can do more with a smile, yes you got a friend in me.A choice of color Morris can be black, red or white.

Rainbow Notes

Rainbow shaped post its curve nicely over the top of your documents brightening up your folders, at the same time reminding you of tasks to complete. With 5 vibrant colors they are a great gadget to separate or categorize your work schedule.

Bianca Hippo Memo Holder

Keep your desk tidy and elegant, Bianca is stylish in shiny black and glows with pride holding post it’s on her back so you can access note paper quickly . Bianca is a hippo but she won’t cause chaos in the office, it’s all cool, because you have it all organised and you know where you left that note and you remember what it was you had to do, because Bianca is holding onto it, in her mouth.