The coolest way to record and remember your travels, the Travelogue Travel Journal

The coolest way to record and remember your travels, the Travelogue Travel Journal

If you are a travel enthusiast, like to vacation in different regions of the world or are looking for a unusual gifts for your favorite globetrotter, look no further than Travelogue Travel Journal by Luckies of London.

Travelogue is an out of this world travel companion for when you are seeing the world or part of it. Use it when you are planning your vacation or trip, when you are on your that trip and it is still useful when you come back home. Not only is it going to be your friend when you are away but also back home and for many years to come.

Travelogue is an awesome little travel journal, which contains a sixty four page notebook for you to scribble down all your memories when on vacation. Made to a very high quality, it is compact enough to fit into your hand luggage so it is easy to take with you. But it is far more than just a travel journal, It also includes travel tips and a checklist for when you are organizing your travels or vacations and has room for you to keep your boarding pass, tickets and stubs in it making it part travel organizer. And, the most innovative part of it is that it comes with eight mini-scratch maps, representing different regions of the world, giving you a personalized visual memory as well.

To explain the Scratch Map® if you don’t already know it, it is a brilliantly innovative and simple map that works just like a lotto scratch card. Take a coin and scratch off places you go to, giving you a very personalised and visual record of your adventures around the world. The Travelogue comes in a recoiled cardboard binder, includes a checklist and travel tips, eight regional scratch maps, a sixty-four page journal, and a protective card envelope.

As well as photos and souvenirs the Travelogue scratch map and journal combination, will ensure that you have something truly unique to remind you of any amazing trip or vacation.