The Gourmet Scratch Map Poster

The Gourmet Scratch Map Poster

For anyone who loves food and travel, the Gourmet Scratch Map is for the perfect gift. Made by Luckies of London it makes the ideal present for anyone who is interested in both wanderlust and gastronomy, it’s sophisticated, unique and would look gorgeous on any Kitchen wall. There to inspire or record culinary adventures, use the Gourmet Scratch Map™ as a foodie bucket list. Had crepes in France? Scratch it off. Not had a chance to try Hungarian goulash? Get planning that trip, or find a recipe and cook it so you can Scratch it off to reveal the vibrant colour beneath.

If you are not familiar with the Scratch Map® concept, it is a highly innovative idea that works exactly as it sounds! It’s a map with a printed graphic design under a foil layer that over time, you can scratch off the places you’ve been or the food that you’ve eaten to create a uniquely personal record of your adventures in gastronomy!

The Gourmet Scratch Map™ is a beautifully designed graphic representation of Europe allowing you to chart trips your taste buds have been on. A Scratch Map® like no other, a collaboration with Snow Home and Alison Hardcastle, this is a dream product for those who love good food, great travel experiences and gorgeous design. It even has its own website containing no fewer than 131 unusual recipes for adventurous cooks, enabling you to uncover more and more parts of Gourmet Scratch Map™. It’s also a great talking point when you have anyone over to dinner, or if you need some menu inspiration!


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