The Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker is The Perfect Unique Gift Idea

The Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker is The Perfect Unique Gift Idea

When searching for the perfect gift, it can be difficult to know what to choose.

There are many factors that can determine as to what type of gift we should by.

For example, some may be searching for a gift that comes in a love of music.

Similarly, there will be others who are searching for a gift to help with distraction.

Whatever gift you’re looking for, searching the wrong avenues can mean that we’re still left bewildered as to what gift we should invest in.

Fortunately, there are dedicated platforms such as GiftLab that can make the gift-buying experience easier and faster.

One example of some of the varied gifts available via GiftLab is the Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker.

To some, the concept of a Bluetooth speaker may not seem too original, but the Jam Jar offers features that can’t be found with other speakers.

The Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker is Perfect for Productivity

There’s no denying how helpful music can be in relation to productivity, but the presence of a smartphone could mean that we soon become distracted with social media or Angry Birds.

The Jam Jar is fashioned after the famous bell jar, which was often used in laboratories to safeguard samples.

It’s this unique design that helps people gain more control when it comes to smartphone use, as it will be housed with the Jam Jar itself.

Of course, it can be retrieved should the need arise, but the fact the smartphone is contained within the Jam Jar means that more focus will be on work and less on social media updates.

The dimensions of the Jam Jar are 22.5 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm and it can offer six hours of playback after being charged.

Don’t worry if you receive incoming calls while the phone is contained with the Jam Jar, as the speaker comes complete with a remote control to ensure that communication is still seamless.

An Ideal Gift for Nostalgia Enthusiasts

Although many can become excited at the concept of upcoming technology, others are more fascinated with the items that have been and gone.

As such, they will often be interested in anything that inspired by a touch of nostalgia.

The Jam Jar is the perfect example of how a simple design of yesteryear can be used in conjunction with the technology available today to offer a truly original gift.

The Jam Jar is made from glass, plastic, metal and rubber. The speaker can offer a 360-degree wall of sound thanks to its circular speaker which comes come with a bass booster.

If you’re searching for a gift that merges the world of nostalgia and technology effortlessly, the then Jam Jar speaker could be just what you’re looking for,

The Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker Can Be Used Anywhere

Despite some speakers having a luxury aesthetic, they’re not always transportable.

Although many can assume it’s how loud a speaker can go that determines its desirability, it’s the quality of the sound that determines its value.

The Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker can offer clear sound regardless of its location, meaning it can be used almost anywhere.

Whether you’re listening to music in the kitchen or catching up with podcasts in the conservatory, the Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect accompaniment.

A Superb Gift Idea for Those Who Have Everything

Have you ever searched for a gift for men who have everything? Or maybe you’re looking for a last-minute birthday gift for this that are difficult to buy for.

When trekking the high street for gift ideas, it can be easy to become disheartened when searching for the perfect gift idea, simply because of the lack of choice available.

Fortunately, this is never the case with GiftLab, and this is made evident by the Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker.

Despite it playing music like many other speakers, there’s something about the Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker that sets it apart from the rest.

Even if you’re searching for gifts for the biggest audiophile in the world, it’s unlikely that they’ve ever received a gift that’s as original as the Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker

The Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker is Perfect for the Kitchen

More and more people are spending time in the kitchen, partly because of how easy it is to create tasty meals easily.

In some instance, some may be relying on their smartphone when it comes to finding ingredients, but don’t want to run the risk of the smartphone being dropped in the dough.

The Jam Jar Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for those looking to safeguard their smartphone in their kitchen and even offers a novel way of listing to audiobooks and music while preparing a meal.

As well as being able to offer new takes on nostalgia and technology, GiftLab can also offer a series of gifts that are perfect for many different events and personalities.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next gift idea, then why not search the abundance of gifts available at GiftLab.