The Perfect Movie Night Recipe For A Hipster Dad

The Perfect Movie Night Recipe For A Hipster Dad

If you’re lucky enough to have a hipster Dad, you’ll have avoided cringing at terrible Dad jokes or pretending you didn’t know him when he insisted on wearing his Simpsons tie to parent’s evening. In fact, you were more likely to suspect your friends had come over to visit him instead of you. But how do you set up the perfect movie and dinner night for a Dad who’s more on trend than you?

First off, set him up with the Smartphone Projector 2.0 in Copper – this copper accented mobile projector is bound to compliment his minimalist interiors, and will fit nicely between his vinyl collection and that ironic Banksy print…

Next, think of food. With a hipster Dad, just whipping up a classic meat and two veg dish isn’t going to cut it. Try a Zucchini Noodle and Braised Corn Salad – because nothing is (and probably never will be) cooler than spiralized food. You’ll need:

Oil for frying
1 x Red Onion
1 x Fresh Corn
3 x Courgettes (aka Zucchini to some..)
1 x can of Chick Peas
Coriander and Lime for garnish
3. Use your Cucumbo spiralizer to make the courgette noodles into continuous spirals – it’s soooo satisfying! Then shave the corn off of the cob, chop the red onion and drain the chickpeas.

4. Prepare your grill, (you want a medium flame), then fry some olive oil lightly. Fry the corn until browning, then add the courgette until it goes slightly crispy.

  1. Semi crush the chick peas and mix with the red onion – leave these uncooked for extra crunch and flavour.
  2. Mix everything together and garnish with coriander for a truly summery taste. Use the Juice Bruce to squeeze over some fresh lime (or if you’re feeling adventurous, to make some super cool cocktails), and you’ve got yourself a dinner fit for even the coolest of hipsters!