The Smartphone Projector, Mobile Home Cinema

The Smartphone Projector, Mobile Home Cinema

Want to turn your bedroom into a movie theatre? Or share your smartphone photos with friends? Or perhaps view your favourite YouTube videos? Well you can do all that and more with the Smartphone Projector by Luckies of London.

The Smartphone Projector is small and neat, it’s made of cardboard so weighs next to nothing and costs no more than the price of a cinema ticket. All you need is your phone and a white wall to turn your home into a little cinema. It’s easy to assemble, just requires a bit of glue or double sided sticky tape. Simple to use, you just need to place it on a flat surface in front of a pale smooth surface and expand or contract the size of the box (therefore the distance between the phone inside and the lens) to create the desired projected image size and focus. With up to 8 times magnification the image size depends on the size of the phone screen, and requires a very dark room and for the phone screen to be set at 100% brightness for best results.

Smartphone Projector
This is perfect for anyone gadget mad who needs to keep up with the latest trends. It also makes a very innovative gift for anyone who owns a smartphone, which lets face it these days is pretty much everyone.

It especially appeals to the man who has everything, and can be hard to buy for, and on top of that it is also a great family product. And any phone crazy teenager will feel that they have to have one so they can share their favourite movies with their friends.

Most people use their phones for photographs and viewing YouTube videos and clips these days so this product has a wide appeal. Put on your favourite music videos if you’re having a party, or watch the latest in funny viral clips. It is so simple and affordable yet can provide you with hours of fun. Just add popcorn and you’re ready to go.