Top 10 Gadgets for men 2019

Top 10 Gadgets for men 2019

It’s nearly summer so we think its the perfect time to do a ‘best new gadgets 2017’ round …the gizmos below are the perfect gifts for geeks of all ages…

Phone Accessories (1, 2 and 3)

The magniviewer and smartphone magnifier are peas in the pod of tech gadets, and we are predicting them to be our Top Gadgets for Men by the end of 2017. Both

· Amplify the screen size of most mobile phones

· Are small and portable

· Look cool!

The classic i-phone projector remains one of the best gadgets for men on the market, but makes a perfect gift for geeks and lovers of gizmos of all sexes!

Travel Tech Gadgets (4)

The adventure wristband is one of the best men’s gadgets on the market this year.

· 4gb of memory

· Leather wristband

· Totally portable memory stick!

Laptop Cover (5)

A classic in the gadgets for men market, this product will disguise your laptop as an envelope;

· Comes in two sizes

· Looks nothing like a laptop case!

Hologram Viewer (6)

We hear talk from our happy US customers that we are helping cupid on his way to prom by providing this cool way of sending a message. One of the best gadgets for men looking to ask someone out in an innovative way, to do so would involve simply..

· Buying the product

· Downloading the app

· Composing a heartfelt message

· Booking a table at the restaurant!

Milk and Camera Lights (7 & 8)

More great newness for 2017, these lights are cool gadgets for men looking to add some cosy lighting to their pad.

· USB charge

· 12 hours lighting time

· 4 hours charge time

Pocket Tin Speaker (9)

One of those gizmo’s that can make a guy. Fire up this pocket tin speaker and your one man sound system. Can create a party in any environment.

Chill Bill (10)

Not strictly a newbie, but a classic in the gadgets for men genre. Keep your fridge smelling fresh with this stink-absorbing penguin! Perfect for the student male…

If none of those suit your loved one, then have no fear as we have more gadgets for men launching later in the year. Stay tuned!