Top 3 Valentine’s Day Weekend Getaways Recommended by GiftLab

Top 3 Valentine’s Day Weekend Getaways Recommended by GiftLab

They say travelling as a couple is a real make or break, but fear not as we believe that with these Top 3 Valentine’s Day Weekend Getaways you’ll come back as the new Brangelina, (but without the adopted children on the way)!

The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

When planning a romantic weekend getaway there’s no need to make a mountain out of a molehill, especially when our first lovers retreat is Morocco’s most naturally beautiful region, the Atlas Mountains. Ideal for the superfood loving couple who have become each other’s personal trainers (you know the type), this active adventure will leave you breathless…or maybe that’s just the altitude? And remember to take the conveniently compact Pocket Tin Speaker with you so that once you reach the peak you can serenade your loved one with some tunes. Because baby, there just ‘aint no mountain high enough.

Prinsengracht Canal – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam’s charming canals and comfy cafes make it a convenient getaway this Valentine’s Day for all jet setting couples. Look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle made for two when cycling along the Prinsengracht canal and its many bridges. Make sure to use a Jacket Gripper to not only secure your coat but also free your hands, thus fully abiding by The Netherlands Highway Code! Because we all know there’s only one thing worse than being shouted at by other road users, and that’s being shouted at, in a different language, by other road users, “Ga uit de weg, dwaas!” WHAT!?

The Hermitage Garden – Moscow, Russia

For travelling couples in the mood for love, Russia wouldn’t be the first destination to spring to mind. Sure, there’s freezing temperatures, a scantily dressed President and the slight dabble in communism, but there’s also a romantic ritual that takes place every year at Moscow’s Hermitage Garden. Either drunk on love or drunk on Russian vodka, couples flock to these gardens every year to make a Valentines wish. Once back on home soil, you’ll have the satisfaction of scratching away Russia on your shared Scratch Map. The country’s absolutely huge, so you definitely won’t want to be Putin it off (Get it!?)