Top 5 cool gadgets for men who have everything

Top 5 cool gadgets for men who have everything

What do you give the man who has everything? A pat on the back!

Failing that we’ve got a fine array of tech gadgets and gizmos for geeks…the best gadgets for men who think they have everything.

For tech gadgets we have the Pocket Tin Speaker, a USB rechargeable speaker that is small enough to pocket and tough enough to take a bit of a beating. This little fella boasts playback of up to 12 hours and has great sound quality for something so compact.

In terms of computers the top gadgets for men always need some classy protection – say hello to The Envelope. This tech sleeve is inspired by the classic manila envelope, and is lined with high quality grey felt to offer extra protection and keep your laptop or tablet nice and warm! To be specific it fits 13″-15″ Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Retina and other 15″ ultraportables.

Of course men gadgets don’t have to be techy. If the guy in question has a state of the art phone but wants a quick and simple way to increase the size of his screen for watching videos then look no further than Smartphone Magnifier. Perfect as a travel gift or the ideal companion to the Smartphone Speaker, the magnifier can double your screen in retro style.

A contender for one of the best new gadgets 2017 (although we haven’t officially entered it yet!) the Hologram Viewer is a throwback to the days when Holograms were a thing of future. Simply buy the Hologram Viewer as a gift, download the free app and create a personalized message and accompanying hologram which will be waiting for the lucky recipient once they’ve unwrapped their techy new friend.

If your guy spends a lot of time in the kitchen, perhaps occasionally taking another beer from the fridge, you might want to get him Chill Bill. Bill is a penguin shaped odour absorber – all he asks is that you fill him up with baking soda and he’ll fight off the stench of cheese and half opened cans of tuna. This little fella has to be at the top of the list of cool gadgets for men. Geddit?! Brrrr.

If this list of the top 5 gadgets for men who have everything hasn’t provided you with the perfect gift then head over to our full range of gadgets right here.