Top 5 Cool Gifts For Men Under £20

Top 5 Cool Gifts For Men Under £20

Cool people do their thing. They are nice to people but are not affected by trends. A cool gift is an original and personal item that says, I am needed, or I am wanted, I am ME, like, “new hair, don’t care”.

Here are 5 top cool gifts ideas that do not cost the earth but show you care.

Sip Zip Bottle Opener
Be cool on picnics whilst everyone else is trying to break open their drinks, you very casually stroll up like a hero and get the party started with the sip zip bottle opener that was attached to your pocket all along. It is designed to look like an oversized zipper so could just be attached there and used when needed. The clip attachment comes in a choice of red or black. Keep it safe and handy by clipping it to your get ready and go bag, on your belt or visor in the car. Just know that you are cool because you are ready.

Undercover Laptop Sleeve
It is not cool to flash so the battered old envelope will serve you and your laptop well. Made from strong tyvek and plush padded lining, your laptop is safe in this undercover laptop sleeve that looks like an envelope. Protective undercover sleeves also available for tablets and smartphones.

Scratch Map UK and Ireland
There is nothing more interesting and cool than a person who has travelled. They get to know themselves along the journey but also have a lot of interesting facts to share. A Scratch Map is a great gift to someone because you give more than an object, it is an objective to personalise and record their own travel journey.
They say ” everything should start at home ” so why not discover the many wonders of the UK and Ireland. Plan, explore and uncover on this attractive quality laminate poster with foil to peal and reveal facts

Lasso Wine Bottle Holder
Designers and Artists draw us out of conventional thinking into a World beyond illusion. All is not what it seems with this cool bottle holder. Crafted from chromed iron metal and covered in rope. Styled as a lasso but is moulded as such that it holds your wine bottle afloat. A cool looking designer gift that is a great focus and talking point. Click here to view the Lasso Wine Bottle Holder in detail.

Beanie Bottle Stopper
Cute is cool with these Monkey Business designed bottle stoppers. Being practical doesn’t mean plain. Keep your wine fresh with these very attractive strong plastic beanie styled bottle stoppers in a choice of colours to cheer with grey, blue or red.