Top 5 gadgets that guys will love for any gifting occasion

Top 5 gadgets that guys will love for any gifting occasion

Taking the headache out of shopping for that personalised gift, we have the Top 5 gadgets for Men 2017 that are great fun and don’t cost a fortune.

Smartphone Projector
An entertaining retro replica projector to access film and music from your Smartphone. An environmentally friendly made gift based on the old slides that were loaded and shown in the dark to an excited audience. You do not need slides, just pop in your phone and let it roll. Turn out the lights and adjust the focus by pulling the lens in or out. A quality packaged gift with clear instructions cleverly written on the box itself. Click here to see more details on Smartphone Projector.

Smartphone Magnifier
Entertain and have fun anywhere with this retro design mock T V ready assembled. Just pop your Smartphone in and watch movies on this 8″ screen with friends on camp, at festivals or relax safely in the bath for a movie or sneaky football chill out. Click here to view the Smartphone Magnifier in more detail.

Hologram Viewer
Get a taste of the future with this sci-fi Hologram Viewer creating three dimensional structures like the movie Iron Man and the Star Wars of the future. A personalised text message will be sent to the lucky recipient containing instructions on how to download and play contents.
Place your phone into the viewer and download the free app which includes 3 videos.Create personalised 3D hologram messages and send to friends, inviting them out for coffee or cheering them up just to show you care. The Hologram viewer comes in a quality design sci fi design packaging.

Milk Light
From the gadget gift range turning everyday objects into functional art pieces. I do believe it was “Ernie” who drove the fastest milk cart in the west, a chart topper which is well worth a look at the old video written by and starring Benny Hill. It reminds us of days gone by when you put the bottles out for the milkman to pick up, with a note saying ” not today thank you “.
This rechargeable milk bottle styled light last up to 6 hours and includes a micro USB cable. A rainproof portable light that will delight and come in useful for evening romantic light, relax in the bath or a cool night light for scaredy cats. Click here to view the Milk Bottle Light in detail.

Sip Zip Bottle Opener
Do you love walking and picnics, and impressing that new date ? Then do not go out without a bottle opener. If you want to impress, then opening a bottle with your teeth and loosing one, or banging your favourite brew on a rock and loosing half of it is not the way to go. The witty zip styled bottle opener comes with a red or black clip so attach it your pocket and be cool on your date.