Top 5 last minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Top 5 last minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

For all you last-minute lovers, Luckies can save the day with these top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift ideas. With Next Day Delivery your lucky lover will be none the wiser when receiving these perfectly personalised tokens of love.

Sweet Pony Cookie Cutter

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so what better way to test this theory than with the help of the Sweet Pony Cookie Cutter. With Saturday Delivery available you can have your cookies baked and ready for Sunday the 14th without even breaking a sweat in the kitchen.

Rubber Jonny

If you’re looking to move your relationship to the next level or simply enjoy the dating game, Rubber Jonny is an essential Valentine’s gift for all those randy romantics! Try your luck by whipping out this novelty item after your candle lit dinner and see how far it gets you. If it doesn’t end in a night of passion then don’t worry as you can play the “I was totally joking” card. After all it is an just an eraser, you would never be so forward. Ahem.

Eric the Memo Elephant

For those of you in more ‘comfortable’ relationships, Eric the Memo Elephant is the perfect way to keep the romance alive and house in working order! Whether you want to scribble Shakespearean sonnets ready for your beloved’s return or subtly remind them you’re out of toilet roll (who said romance was dead!?), this is the perfect last minute Valentines Gift that benefits both.

Love Note

Next up on the list is Love Note, the perfect last minute gift for the other halves who have a somewhat unrealistic expectation of love (thanks to years of Disney films). We are here to meet their demands, by giving you a chance to write a heartfelt note the old school way. Once the romantic note is penned, roll it up and pop it in the glass bottle provided. Finally seal with the cork stopper and stickers; we’ll leave it up to you whether you use the ocean waves to deliver your message in a bottle. Sting would be proud if you did though…

Greetings Card Kit

And finally, no Valentine’s Day would be complete without our Greetings Card Kit to help you create the perfect hand crafted declaration of love. This is one of the few holidays where going craft-crazy is 100% encouraged, and with Next Day Delivery available all you need to worry about is leaving enough time to let the glue dry before handing over your romantic masterpiece.. Way to go Romeo.