Top 5 stocking fillers for men

Top 5 stocking fillers for men

The term ‘Stocking Filler’ comes from the Latin ‘Stokus Fulus’ meaning a gift small enough to fit into a stocking but worthy enough not to be tossed aside come boxing day. And that is exactly what you’ll find in our top 5 stocking fillers for men.

With these fun and impressive gifts you can make sure his stocking is filled to the brim with xmas presents he’ll be playing all the way til next Christmas! Our top 5 are designed to appeal to even the hardest men to buy for; they include tech gadgets, home entertainment gifts and Christmas goodies that are all killer no filler. So whether you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for husbands, boyfriends, male friends, your dad; have a look at this shortlist of xmas fun.

The number 1 stocking filler for men this year has to be the Hologram Viewer, a perfect gift for tech geeks and a space age gadget he’ll love playing with. You’ll have to tell him to put it away at the Christmas table though.

At number 2 is our Scratch Map Travel, a travel sized version of our original scratch map. An excellent stocking filler for a teenager off on their gap year, or a boyfriend you might be about to embark on a big trip with.

Next up are our Makicups, a gift for men who like to bake. These sushi style measuring cups make it easy to follow any recipe and will ensure his cakes turn out perfect all year round.

Make sure his packed lunch is always at the perfect temperature with our Brown Paper Bag. This insulated lunch bag will ensure he’ll have no more soggy sandwiches.

And finally, if you’re looking for a stylish stocking filler for a foodie, the Food Factory Condiment Set will be the perfect addition to their dinner table.