Top gift ideas for the hard to buy for

Top gift ideas for the hard to buy for

Some people are easy to buy for; Nana: Slippers, Mum: perfume, your Sister: something off of the long list she sent out to you all mid September. And then there are the more tricky ones; Nephew: Computer game you can’t afford? … And then there are the really hard to buy for. The ‘I literally can’t think of anything they might like that I haven’t already given them in previous years…socks?’ STOP. Step away from the socks! We can help you with our top gift ideas for the hard to buy for.

We’ve got a ton of cool gift ideas to suit all sorts of personalities. How about giving them the gift of time itself? Help them get organised with My-Time; a chalk memo board with a difference. It comes on a self-adhesive roll you can cut to your desired length and stick wherever you like! The perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves the buzz of a hectic lifestyle.

If your hard to buy for recipient is a bit of a whizz in the kitchen, then how about one of our cool kitchen gadgets? Our Ravioli Spoon Rest is a fun way to keep their surfaces clean from saucy utensils. Or how about a miniature oil canister to store their olive oil in? Oil & Co Pourer is a quirky addition to their tableware and comes in Copper or Silver.

If they’re more likely to be found playing on their phone than pottering around in the kitchen, then how about a Smartphone Magnifier? Designed to look like an old fashioned TV set, this handy little gadget looks retro cool and doubles the size of your screen size. So if they’ve ever fancied watching the footie in the garden, or the tennis in the bath, or even Game of Thrones on the train, now they can sit back and enjoy it squint-free.

If you’re still stumped for cool gift ideas then how about going the traditional house plant route with our not-so-traditional Rocket Planter? This rocket shaped ceramic plant pot would make a great gift for plant lovers and space enthusiasts alike, and will satisfy anyone who enjoys quirky touches around their home. Pair it with flame-like plants to give the full crashed rocket effect!