Top gifts for work friends and colleges

Top gifts for work friends and colleges

You can’t choose who you work with. Sometimes they’re so awful you feel physically lighter when they’re on holiday or off sick. Sometimes you forget their name the second they tell you and spend the next 3 years saying “hello mate” every time you’re in the break room together. Sometimes they steal your stationery, CONSTANTLY, and then pretend they don’t know what you’re talking about even as they stand before you chewing the top of your good pen to shreds. But that’s not everyone, and that’s certainly not how we feel about each other at Luckies H.Q. I don’t think…

But anyway, yes, awful colleagues, but sometimes they’re good. And then they go and leave, and through the waterfall of tears, it’s you that’s tasked with finding them a top leaving gift.

If they’re leaving for pastures new and are no longer able to pinch yours, maybe they’ll need some stationery of their own. Our Rainbow Notes are a perfect accompaniment to any stationery care package you might put together for them. 250 brightly coloured sticky notes that’ll remind you of them no matter where their new desk is situated.

If they’re off travelling, the Luckies Adventure Journal is a perfect gift. The journal features a 300 strong bucket list of weird and wonderful activities to get involved in across the globe, and a map to scratch them off as you complete them. Like the international equivalent of collecting those Panini football stickers. Just make them promise they’ll take a selfie if they do a bungee jump for the workplace newsletter.

Maybe this is it, and they’re retiring. Which means, according to the retirement rules, that they’re probably about to start hanging around in their kitchen and baking loads. The Message Rolling Pin has a silicone wrap that be changed to print 3 sweet messages into their biscuits and pastries. Hopefully now they’re got all this time on their hands, they’ll be able to bring a tray in for you all to enjoy.