Top stocking filler ideas for 2019

Top stocking filler ideas for 2019

However your family celebrates Christmas, we’re willing to bet that there’s some semblance of a stocking involved, and that bad boy requires filling. The traditional definition of a stocking filler is something small, cool, and unlike the flashing Santa brooches that we all get forced to wear at the Christmas dinner table, isn’t required to be entirely useless. If you’re stuck for gift Ideas to pad out the MAIN PRESENT, here at Luckies, Gifts small in physical presence but high in cool points are our speciality.

Under £20 – You To Do Wall Chart

If the person whose stocking you’re trying to fill has a few New Year’s resolutions that involve a little more spontaneity in their life, then the You To Do wallchart comes in at £11.95 and is a big long list of things they can get out and try to do. From “bake a cake” to “build a sandcastle”, there’s room for four names, so make it a family race before the next Christmas!

Deck The Kitchen – Chill Bill

Cheese, meats, snacks, dips, leftovers, takeaway when everyone has had enough of turkey – if there’s something there’s no shortage of at Christmas, it’s food. And all that food has to fit in your fridge. Now, we know there’s nothing like the smell of a Christmas dinner, but when it’s mixed with the smell of every other food in your fridge, it isn’t quite so delicious. Chill Bill is in straight from the North Pole to solve all your problems. A plastic penguin you can fill with Bicarbonate of Soda and put on the shelf, he’ll soak up all the smells, and is ready for refilling any time they creep back.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Book of Masks

The festive season sure does involve a lot of parties, and if you want you don’t want your giftee to turn up empty handed, but don’t think anyone will want the bottle of Baileys their grandma bought them, the Book of Masks is the perfect icebreaker/party favour.


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