Top trending gifts and gadgets for 2017

Top trending gifts and gadgets for 2017

Some men thrive in the kitchen, and, to put it quite frankly, some do not. It’s the difference between the kitchen being the heart of the home, and the heart attack.
Guys in the kitchen usually fall into one of the following categories:

The Masterchef
The show off, the culinary know-it-all. Whether his artistic skill with food is as adept as his skill at running his mouth, it doesn’t matter. He’s the man who thinks the less clutter the better, that we should all be peeling our garlic with our bare hands, dipping our little finger (which actually isn’t made of asbestos) directly into all sauces and sneering as our expert palate immediately demands some spice you almost certainly can’t get down the Co-op.

The Eternal Student
Not averse to a few gadgets, but would much rather get his hands in the bowl, never measures the ingredients, and uses words like “rustic”, “homely”, and “family recipe” to cover up the fact that his school of cookery is one based largely in risk taking and finger crossing.

The Futurehead
Top gadgets for men 2017. Put simply, the man cannot cook. He is not interested in cooking. But what he is interested in is are the latest tech and gadgets, and that means for anywhere; home, car, office, and of course, kitchen.

At Luckies, we have plenty of recommendations for all three types of kitchen based man, and whether you’re looking for a gift, or something to add to your own kitchen collection, we’ve got it all.

The Oil & Co Pourer is an industrial design inspired oil container. Veggie, sunflower or olive oil depending on your level of culinary commitment, a large neck on the bottle making it easy to infuse your oil with herbs. Masterchef; we’d never tell you which, Student; that doesn’t mean it’s any less difficult to knock over, and Futurehead; it’s a modern twist on a vintage design, comes in either copper or silver, and it looks loads cooler than a greasy plastic bottle.

If it’s customisation you’re after, the Barbeque Stamp means he can brand any steak, sausage, or veggie burger with the interchangeable messages “Black & Blue”, “Little Bit Of Blood”, or “Nearly Burnt.” Equally as satisfying for all kitchen varieties of the male species.

Feel free to check out our Kitchen section for loads more ideas on what to get for a cookery lover/hater. You’ll notice there’s no first aid kit in there, but we can’t really be held responsible for the physical/culinary dexterity of the men in charge of the gadget after it leaves our warehouse…