Travel Maps and Earth Maps

Travel Maps and Earth Maps

Joy is found on the journey, not in finishing an activity, but in doing it. All you need is a motivational Scratch Map, and the courage to make plans.

Learning geography and facts about Europe along the way The Europe Scratch Map in laminated coloured card has the foil covering to scratch off along your journey through the many cultures of Europe discovering knowledge, enjoying new experiences.

Please no excuses about having no time to travel. It only takes 7 days, 20 hours and 25 minutes, to complete the longest train journey in the world, covering some 6,346 miles.

Scratch Globe, the World’s most unique Earth Map
To know the World, is to travel the World. The Scratch Globe is a unique gift to remind us that there is so much of life to be enjoyed out there in the big World.

If you have limited wall space or you like tactile objects, then you will love the Scratch Globe. Made from strong laminate card, the 3 D Globe sculpture has luxury gold foil to peel and reveal your journey around the World.

A lovely looking object to sit on your desk with happy travel memories, and a focus to continue your path of discovery.


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