Undercover laptop sleeve 17 inch

Undercover laptop sleeve 17 inch

If you’re in search of a laptop sleeve 17.3 with a difference take a look at the Undercover Laptop Sleeve. Many people worry about carrying their laptops around and quite rightly so. The whole point of having a laptop is that they are portable, but they are often the most valuable thing we own – both financially and in terms of being essential to our day to day lives. Carrying them around as you commute to work, or travel on public transport can make you want to keep your valuables secure and safe.

A large 17 inch laptop sleeve that cab accommodate multiple size laptops
Undercover Laptop Sleeve by Luckies of London is the perfect solution. Designed to look like a beaten up jiffy bag envelope, no one will ever guess what is inside! Cleverly designed to disguise laptops and other valuable items whilst keeping them protected. Made from durable Tykek, Undercover Laptop Sleeve also has padding to prevent scratches and damage while on the move. Inside it has a deluxe red lining and strong velcro straps, making it easy to adjust and fit most laptops up to 17.5 inches.

Take your tech accessories Undercover, keeping them safe wherever you go!


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