Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Do you ever find there’s that special man in your life that is just impossible to buy Christmas presents for? Like, mind-map for hours, take a degree in quirky gifts and hire a personal shopping assistant impossible? Yep, we thought so – us too. But never fear, to save you from the hardship of finding a present for the man who has everything, we’ve compiled this handy list of unusual gift ideas for that hard to please fella. Whether it’s your Dad, your brother or your betrothed, we’ve got you covered.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Dads

Dad’s can be notoriously hard to buy presents for – they’ve got every episode of Only Fools and Horses on DVD, a cupboard full of comical ties and as much fudge as you could stomach in a lifetime. So how about something a little different – something he wouldn’t think to treat himself to? We suggest our Smartphone Projector – a great gadget that will transform his phone into a home cinema kit. What’s better than watching all your favourite movies on the big screen whilst in the comfort of your own home? So whether he’s a sci-fi guy or a Godfather fella, get him a six pack and some popcorn then sit back and wait for the brownie points to mount up.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Brothers

We understand how frustrating brothers can be – pulling your hair when you were young, telling your parents when you snuck out to parties, embarrassing you in front of your boyfriend at family dos – we get it. But Christmas is the season for forgiving, and what better way to call a truce than giving him the awesome Hologram Viewer? Not only will this nifty little gadget let him watch holograms from the comfort of his bed, but you can also create personalised messages to send him beforehand! So whether you’re sending something loving or jibing him about his latest debacle down the pub, Hologram viewer makes an awesome unusual gift for a special sibling.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

When it comes to going Christmas shopping for that special someone, things can soon get difficult. You want just the right amount of soppy, whilst still being quirky and interesting ALL within a budget that won’t break the bank. Sounds like a tall order right? It probably was until we brought out our range of Scratch Map® maps – maps that let you record where you’ve been, want to go or are planning to visit by removing the foil one country at a time. Whether your fella is full of wanderlust, looking for a weekend away or you’re planning your honeymoon, Scratch Map® posters make the perfect present for your all important other half.