Unusual Christmas Gifts for Someone Special

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Someone Special

Christmas is a great time of year for spending with your loved one – whether you’re in a new relationship, you’ve passed the seven-year-itch with flying colours or you’re plucking out each other’s grey hairs, there’s never a better time to let that someone special know that you really care for them. But how do you translate all of that into a present? It’s definitely a tall order, but we think we’ve done a pretty good job of collecting some of the best unusual Christmas presents for that someone special and putting them all in this handy guide.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for the New Relationship

Who doesn’t love the dizzying whirlwind that is a new romance? The kind that makes you tell any one who’ll listen just how smitten you are (even the Uber drive at 2.00am). We’ve thought about this one long and hard. It’s not too soppy, but can definitely encourage a lot of situations where cuddling up is paramount. By giving your new beau the Smartphone Magnifier, you can transform any private occasion into a back-seats-of-the-cinema kind of night. Whether you’re going camping and want to watch something scary or you’re in the bath and fancy watching something romantic, Smartphone Magnifier is perfect for bringing you closer together.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for the Comfortable Couple

When you’ve been with someone a while, you need to make every present count. All too often we can fall into the trap of feeling overly comfortable with a partner – but buying them the new part to the leaky tap they need to fix is a sure fire way to snuff out the spark that first brought you together. So why not give them a super-thoughtful and personal present this Christmas? Try our Framed Scratch Map® poster. Now you can record all your treasured holiday memories in pride of place in your home.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for the Seasoned Pros

When you get to a certain point in a relationship and you know each other inside and out, gimmicky gadgets and trendy presents seem somewhat redundant. Sometimes all you need is a gesture, to show how strong your love for them still is. That’s why we created Love Note – a message in a bottle that you can write and seal yourself. Nothing says I love you like a handwritten note ready to traverse the ocean…