Unusual Gift Ideas: BLIK Surface Graphics

Unusual Gift Ideas: BLIK Surface Graphics

Remember the days of wanting to (and maybe sometimes) drawing on the walls of your old bedroom. Well – thanks to BLIK and their super cool removal surface graphics, you can pretty much do that for real – all with the added bonus of having a guaranteed piece of artwork set to impress guests, rather than a scribble that your parents could only describe as ‘abstract’. What’s more, these surface graphics are ideal for unusual gift ideas – because who wants the same old present year after year?

Unusual Gift Ideas for Hipsters

Outdoor lights inside, if that’s not ironic we don’t know what is. These removable Café Lights by Mina Javid will bring the atmosphere to you from the comfort of your own sitting room – an ideal gift idea for all the artisan coffee drinking characters in your life.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

From your sister to your girlfriend, there are few women in this world that wouldn’t LOVE to see a pink heart decorating their walls. Not only is Heart Breakout by Upper Playground vibrant and artistic, but it will show just how much they mean to you. No doubt they will thank you from the bottom of their hearts #sorrynotsorry

Unusual Gift Ideas for New Parents

We all know that couple who have ditched backpacks for nappy bags. While they love receiving gifts for their new bundle of joy, we bet they would appreciate this A Birth Day by Threadless sticker for the walls of their nursery. It’s cool, fun and will prove to be a great keepsake for years to come. Ahh.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Bros, boyfriends and all will no doubt appreciate a piece of Pac-Man Ghost by Namco on their office wall. Just see how long it takes for them to guess a route to escape the maze.

Unusual Gift Ideas For Youngsters

What’s not to love about Citysaurs by Threadless? This hybrid dinosaur – skyline boasts a pretty impressive view from any seat in the house. Buy this fun and unusual gift for any member of the fam and watch them stick it on the wall with a roaring smile.