Unusual Gift Ideas for Mum and Dad

Unusual Gift Ideas for Mum and Dad

For all those unsung heroes commonly referred to as Mum and Dad, it’s about time they were given the original and awesome gifts they deserve! No more showing your affection and gratitude with a pack of socks or chocolates, after forgetting your Father’s on another of his diets and hates socks. With our epic unusual gift ideas for Mum and Dad you’ll never be short of ideas and you can give those unwanted chocolates to someone who really wants them…no one’s calorie counting over here!

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Green-Fingered Mum and Dad – Herbert Garden Tool Kit

For all Mums and Dads that love gardening, let us Introduce Herbie and Bert, two gnomes-come-gardening companions atop a trowel and spade. With Mum digging up pesky weeds with the trowel and Dad planting some pansies with the spade, this unusual gift idea fuelled by parent team-work will have all pot plants and flower beds blossoming in no time.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Mum and Dad that Travel Together – Scratch Map® UK and Ireland

If your parents are busy exploring Great Britain thanks to their Two Together Railcard, why not add to their travel times with Scratch Map® UK and Ireland poster? Looking great hanging on any wall with fancy silver foil on white and blue gloss paper, this Scratch Map® poster encourages all staycationers to take that trip up North…

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Off-Duty Mum and Dad – Smartphone Projector and Speaker V2.0 Gift Set

With all the ironing, cleaning and caring (of your pet rabbit that you lost interest in) done for the day, your rents deserve one night a week off-duty where they can catch up on the soaps and series they’re forever missing. The Smartphone Projector and Speaker V2.0 Gift Set is pre-assembled and portable meaning high-res viewing and surround sound straight from their iOS and Android, anytime and anywhere. Corrie Omnibus and a cup of tea, lovely.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Multi-Tasking Mum and Dad – Hankie Notebook

Hankie Notebook is a pocket book shaped like a handkerchief that conveniently fits in top pockets so that busy Mums and Dads won’t lose their notes. Whether Mummy’s a busy boss who works most nights or Dad’s making a to-do list so as not to forget when to pick you up, this quirky and handy notepad makes an ideal unusual gift for all fast-paced folks.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Sociable Mum and Dad – Juice Bruce Squeezer

Juice Bruce Squeezer, the wooden citrus juicer bursting with personality, makes Mother and Father’s parties all the more lively. Whether they’re having the neighbours and milkman over for margaritas or preparing fruity mocktails for their famous family summer bash, this awesome and unusual gift idea may well have you joining in with the your Old Man and his work chums come Friday night. Well, maybe…