Unusual Gift Ideas for The Boyfriend Who Has Everything

Unusual Gift Ideas for The Boyfriend Who Has Everything

Whether you’ve been dating for years or you’re still in the honeymoon period, the subject of gifts can be a tricky one. Get him the wrong thing and he’ll begin to doubt you know him at all. And whilst he’s been leaving not-so-subtle hints that he wants the latest games console (the casual way he pins the magazine adverts to the fridge in case he forgets what it’s called…), you’ve not got the money to spend on a console that’s probably going to replace you anyway.

Unusual Gifts for the Film-Buff Boyfriend – Smartphone Projector 2.0

The Smartphone Projector 2.0 is the perfect unusual gift for the boyfriend who loves his film collection more than he loves you. No man-cave is complete without a projector to watch all his favourite shows or sporting events on, and with a range of colours including the dapper black and gold, the on-trend copper, and the classic original in leather effect, there’s bound to be a colour that suits your boyfriend’s style spot on. Instantly transforming his study or garage in to a home cinema, it’s the perfect gift for any gadget loving guy.

Unusual Gifts for the Pimp-My-Ride Boyfriend – Skull Caps

Skull Caps make the perfect unusual gift for any boyfriend who is continually looking out for the latest trends to pimp their ride. Designed to resemble little skull shaped dust caps, these cool accessories also keep the dirt out of your bicycle valves. They come packaged in a cool gift box to make them the perfect gift for any keen cyclist, and great for any fella that wants to stand out from the crowd whilst cruising the streets on his bike.

Unusual Gifts for the Craft-Challenged Boyfriend – No Sew Buttons

If your boyfriend is continually asking you to darn his socks, fix his elbow patches or sew up his shirts, remind him politely that the ‘50s weren’t as fun as Mad Men makes out, and that technology has progressed so that he can complete such tasks himself. Enter No Sew Buttons. Doing exactly what they say on the tin, these no thread, no sew buttons clip on to your garments instantly! So not only will he never have to panic sew a button on before a meeting, but he’ll feel confident in his skills as a seamstress and complete these menial tasks himself! A present for him or you? We’ll let you decide…

Unusual Gifts for the Sporty Boyfriend – Sports Huevos

If your man is all about sport – from his Adidas shower gel to his Sports Direct coffee mug, we’ve got the perfect gift for you. Sports Huevos egg mould takes your regular hard-boiled eggs (the breakfast of all champion sports stars) and turns them into sports balls! Who doesn’t love a novelty breakfast? And if you make it for him while he’s snoozing for an extra special Birthday breakfast, you’re sure to earn some extra girlfriend points to cash in when you want him to go see the new Bridget Jones with you.

Unusual Gifts for the Retro-Game Loving Boyfriend – Deco Decal Stickers

If your boyfriend’s misspent youth (and beyond) is fondly remembered with tales of Super Mario Kart, Yoshi’s World and the everlasting battle to save Princess Peach from the grips of the terrible turtle dinosaur, Bowser, then stop searching for the ultimate gift right now – we give to you, the Super Mario Bros U Re-Stick from Nintendo…Deco Decal Stickers that you can use to decorate any man cave that are so life like, it’s like actually watching a game on pause. Just make sure he doesn’t start putting them up in the bedroom…