Unusual Gift Ideas to Turn Your Summer Fling Into a Long Term Thing

Unusual Gift Ideas to Turn Your Summer Fling Into a Long Term Thing

It all started with some good lighting and a swipe right on Tinder… You’ve met someone and you’ve been inseparable all summer long – if you’re not whispering sweet nothings to each other on the Bakerloo line, you’re FaceTiming into the early hours. But as the last rays of sun shine on your relationship…wait what’s that? He’s been online on Whatsapp and not replied to your last message?! Okay, remain calm. Before you start penning Taylor Swift’s next album, we reckon an unforgettable present to show your new man or woman just how much they mean to you can relight that fire. So have a little scroll through our romantic and unusual gift ideas – you won’t be disappointed…

Unusual Gifts for Adventurous Men

You’ve met a man and you pray to your lucky stars that you will end up official by the time summer ends. Sound familiar? Why not find an unusual gift for him in the form of the Glow in the Dark Star Map. Whilst gazing into your eyes is probably even more appealing, this unique piece of wall art doubles up as a map – allowing him to gaze into the stars on his wall before going to bed, reminding him of you. Aww.

Unusual Gifts for Romantic Men

Love Note allows you to spill out your feelings into a bottle and send them his way. Sarah 4 James 4eva….Who said romance was dead?

Unusual Gifts for Nostalgic Woman

Those more unusual gifts for women can be romantic too, and this Video Notebook proves just that. No doubt there will have been some serious bonding over growing up without DVD players and your favorite old-school movies so make a list of the films you want to see with her in the future in this retro notebook.

Unusual Gifts for Women Who Like To Be Treated Like a Princess

All women love to be treated like a princess and the wooden heart shaped You Complete Me puzzle may well result in you changing your ‘single’ Facebook status. This unusual gift will leave all girls feeling special, and it even has room for you to pen your own message on it.