Unusual Gifts to Give to Your Travel Obsessed Friends

Unusual Gifts to Give to Your Travel Obsessed Friends

We all have that travel obsessed friend who found themselves aged thirteen, after a 20 hour long meditation, on a trek in India and since has refused to accept anything even remotely mainstream. Whether they’re your best friend, worst friend, boyfriend or Dad, these travel obsessed beings still have birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries and Christmases which means they still need gifts. So, if you want to avoid the insincere ‘oh thaaaanks’, take a look at our unusual gifts line up below…

Unusual Gifts for the On-The-Move Party Addict

Ever had one of those friends that’s always up for a party no matter where they are? The ones that don’t let the fact that they’re miles from home stop them from busting out the moves, and are always on hand with some form of entertainment? Boy have we found the perfect gift for them. Introducing the Pocket Tin Speaker – a compact and portable speaker that’s small enough to take on your travels but loud enough to fill a hotel room. So whether you’re getting ready for a night out in Ibiza or camping in the Hebrides, this mobile speaker is ready to start the party when you are. Luckies takes no responsibility for the quality of music played…

Unusual Gifts for the Hostel Hopper

If you’ve ever been in a hostel after lights out you’ll know how much you don’t want to be that person that burns everyone’s retinas by turning on the main lights to find your bed. That will never be an issue again with the Luma Smartphone Light, a cordless, battery free light that runs off your smartphone. It gives you enough light to read by or search through your things without starting hostel wars. Plus you don’t have to waste valuable sockets – a sore point when it comes to hostel hopping! Plug Tags can also help with this age old traveler issue, and make an unusual gift idea for anyone with a healthy dose of wanderlust. They attach at the base of your wires to identify whose plug it is and what they’re charging – never again will you feel the pain of returning after a day out and find someone’s accidentally unplugged your laptop or stolen your phone charger. Win!

Unusual Gifts for the Clean Traveller

If you’ve ever made the mistake of leaving your toothbrush loose in your bag whilst you’ve been away, you’ll probably have had to deal with a gritty mouth at least once on your travels. Ensure this doesn’t happened to your loved ones, with the On Air Toothbrush Cover – a cool gift idea for those guys and girls who love avoiding sandy-mouth syndrome on holiday. It’s also shaped like a retro style microphone, so they can use it to sing into in front of the mirror. Another unusual gift for your travel obsessed friend is the Inner and Sock Pouches – drawstring bags to stop your dirty undies getting mixed up with your clean ones. Amen.