Unusual Stocking Fillers for Men

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Men

Have previous stocking fillers for your male mates been so predictable you could base a festive drinking game on them? Satsuma, snowman socks and a lump of coal…down that mulled wine, Fresher. So why not be merry this month with our extensive list of unusual stocking fillers for men that’ll give you more ideas than you can shake a striped candy cane stick at.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Brother – Bicycle Bible

Break the cycle of predictable stocking fillers with Bicycle Bible, a small, industrial strength book on everything you need as a cyclist. Complete with popular cycle routes and handy maps, your brother can get your family’s wheels in motion by swapping the traditional post-lunch Christmas walk to a festive cycle in the snow.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Grandad – Memo Mountain

No one is ever too old for a Christmassy trinket filled stocking which is why Memo Mountain is the smartest stocking filler for your gramps. Let him take a break from dressing as Father Christmas (spoiler alert) to enjoy collecting festive photos of the fam to pin on his new mountable cork board.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Boyfriend – Love Note

Mariah Carey may have said it first but now you can copy those famous lyrics and pass them off as your own with Love Note, the personalised message in a bottle. Being small and stocking-size-perfect, the words ‘All I want for Christmas is you…’ will be much better received by your boyfriend when there’s an act of old-school romance come Christmas morning.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Nephew – OMY Washable Felt Tip Pens

Christmas colouring-in is the perfect boredom-buster for when your nephew is waiting for that Christmas classic film (Home Alone 5 obvs) to start showing. OMY Washable Felt Tip Pens includes:

Pack of 16
Ultra washable
So whether he’s colouring-in Rudolph’s red nose on OMY’s Giant Christmas Colouring Poster or simply choosing to scribble on Granny’s nice kitchen walls, these washable felt tip pens make quirky stocking fillers and unusual gifts for him on his favourite festive holiday.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Dad – Lid Sid

Sid loves to shake up all situations from being one of the friendliest unusual stocking fillers to happily lending a helping hand when cooking the Christmas lunch. Your dad can sit Lid Sid, the saucepan lid lifter on the pan full of beastly Brussels sprouts so that he can give his full attention to more important culinary matters…like testing the mulled wine.