Unusual Stocking Fillers For Women

Unusual Stocking Fillers For Women

As Noddy Holder likes to remind us as we sit in the early hours scrambling through our Christmas stockings, ‘It’s Christmas!’ And this year, to ensure the lady in your life isn’t receiving the tat she’ll save and reuse at next year’s office Secret Santa, we’ve rounded up our best unusual stocking fillers for women. You can thank us with a bottle of Christmas port. We like port.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Grandma – Robin Reindeer Memo

If granny’s woken up and asked why there’s a tree in the house then Robin Reindeer Memo is one of the most essential and unusual stocking fillers to see her through the holidays. This seasonal memo holder shaped like a reindeer will happily hold any notes and reminders for her, just in time for when she beats the entire family at Bridge.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Mum – Decomposition Notebooks

Decomposition Notebooks are cute and unusual stocking fillers for mums who love to be organised with to-do lists and notes. Be it notes on when to stick that giant Christmas turkey in the oven or resolutions for the New Year (stop glugging mulled wine, Mum), this little notebook is 100% post-consumer-waste recycled so Mummy will be saving the planet while saving her liver from all that booze.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Girlfriend – You Complete Me Christmas

This cute Christmas tree shaped jigsaw comes in a small soft-touch gift box and proves that size doesn’t matter…when picking out a Christmas tree, of course. Made from natural materials and making a great alternative to a traditional Christmas card, you can sign the back of this unusual stocking filler asking your girlfriend to meet you under the mistletoe for a festive kiss.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Sister – Bottle Clip

When Dry January kicks in your sister can hit the ground running with Bottle Clip, the handy bottle clip with a hook. Available in red and resembling a small bird, this little Christmas robin will clip onto your sister’s belts, bags and coats to free her hands and keep her topped up with alcohol-free goodness all month.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Niece – Cookie Cup Cookie Cutter

When Boxing Day arrives and you’re left staring at the Quality Street that no one wants, why not get creative with your niece in the kitchen with Cookie Cup Cookie Cutter. Up there with our best unusual stocking fillers, the two of you can replace the mince pies Grandpa gobbled with these festive cookie cutters disguised as tea cups.