Unusual Valentines Gifts For Him

Unusual Valentines Gifts For Him

If your other half says they don’t care about Valentines Day, they are almost always lying. Men, women, it doesn’t matter. People love getting gifts. That’s why you’re here. That’s also why we’re here.
As free and easy as the British are known to be with their emotions (…), there is something to be said for an understated gift. Flowers, chocolates, and human sized teddy bears are very well, but also flowers die, too much chocolate will give you diabetes, and that bear is almost certainly a fire hazard. We tell you this not out of bitterness, but because it is simply no longer acceptable to give these gifts to your Valentine.

If you’re struggling trying to come up with something a little more unusual to gift your beau when February 14th rolls round, we’ve got plenty of gadgets that’ll make it clear exactly how you feel.

You Complete Me is a jigsaw that you can customise however it is you want for your Valentine. Put together the small heart shaped puzzle, write your slushy message, then pull the pieces apart and put it back for them to decipher themselves. There are four choices for the box colour. Obviously in this instance, we’d suggest a red one.

Tell someone they’re just your cup of tea (yes, we know, let us have this one though) with our Biskviti Tea Infuser. A biscuit shaped tea infuser for your boy who loves a brew. Bag of nice tea to go with it; you’re sorted. Maybe get him a packet of biscuits to go with it as well, that way you might end up with something to eat if he hasn’t thought as far ahead as dinner.

With the gifts and gadgets we have for you here, you won’t need to run out and panic buy novelty boxer shorts ever again. And we’re sure we speak for both parties when we say; this is a GOOD thing.