What to Look for in an Extra-Large World Map Poster?

What to Look for in an Extra-Large World Map Poster?

Despite the technology available, there will still be those that prefer the tactile nature of a map as opposed to the digital iterations available via smartphones and the internet.

However, there can still be a lot of choices available, and there will be those looking for an extra-large world map poster but are unsure of what features they should be searching for.

Although some of the maps available may look fantastic, they may not offer the immersions some are looking for when purchasing an extra-large world map poster.

Similarly, there will be those who find that there is an abundance of features, but the map is unpleasing to the eye.

Finding the perfect balance can be difficult, but the Scratch Map range can offer all you’re looking for in an extra-large world map poster, while still being introduced to some brand-new features.

Why Choose a Scratch Map Over a Conventional Extra-Large World Map Poster?

When considering an extra-large world map poster, it’s important to consider how it will be used.

Will it be displayed in the home? Does the map need to offer information that helps with planning trips? What type of subjects’ interest you the most?

Although a conventional map can offer the basic details, the Scratch Map range can offer several iterations that all contain different subject matter.

For example, if you’re looking to expand your horizons in relation to food, then you may want to make use of the Gourmet Scratch Map.

Similarly, those wanting to find out more information about the many locations that have inspired some of Ed Sheeran’s biggest hits, then the Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition may be more suitable.

The amount of choice available in the Scratch Map range ensures that regardless of your requirements there will be a Scratch Map that’s suitable.

As well as the subject matter covered in a Scratch Map, there will be more immersion than seen with a conventional extra-large world map poster.

This is because the Scratch Map series included foil panels that can be scratched off.

Some choose to remove the panels to showcase the paces they’ve already visited, whereas others may use the Scratch Map to make upcoming plans.

Regardless of how a Scratch Map is used, it will always retain its luxurious finish, meaning that it can still be displayed afterwards.

A Scratch Map Can be Purchased in Many Different Sizes

Although the Scratch Map range is ideal for those searching for an extra-large world map poster, it’s always reassuring to know that there are Scratch Maps available in many different form factors.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for an extra-large world map poster, or something more mobile, the Scratch Map range can always offer something that fits the bill.

Scratch Maps Can be Used by People of All Ages

Trying to find the perfect git can be difficult at times, so it makes sense that those looking for an original gift will want to ensure that they’re not purchasing something that has age restrictions in place.

This can be another reason as to why the Scratch Map series is so popular because it can be used by people of all ages.

A normal large world map poster could be easily damaged or ruined by writing and doodles.

The fact that Scratch Map is robust and easy-to-use ensures that it can be used by anyone, be it children or grandparents.

An Ideal Gift for Backpackers

The use of an extra-large world map poster can be useful at first, but over time recording travels can mean that the map becomes a little worn.

The Scratch Map range is one that has proved to be popular with backpackers that not only allows for a more suitable map that’s easy to use but can also be used as a keepsake moving forward.

As well as being able to offer interactive iterations of an extra-large world map poster, there are also travel editions of the map that are perfect for those looking to travel light.

A Perfect Educational Tool for Children

Although the fact that the Scratch Map can be sued by anyone is reason enough to choose it over a conventional extra-large world map poster, the Scratch Map range also offers education value as well.

If you’re looking for something more educational for the children’s bedroom, then the Scratch Map is perfect.

As well as ensuring that children have fun when using the Scratch Map, children will also absorb the information being unveiled as they scratch off the foil panels.

Regardless of whether they’re using the Scratch Map Wild World to find out more about animals, or the Scratch Map Europe to find out more about European capitals, parents and teachers can be confident that information is being retained.

When choosing an extra-large world map poster, there are many factors that need to be considered, but the use of a Scratch Map offers a multitude of uses at an affordable price.